Lately I have noticed the Keyboard Maestro is using an inordinate amount of resources for an app waiting in the background to notice keyboard shortcuts. Like 15-25% on my 2016 MBP. I’ve stopped using it. Anyone else notice anything similar?

I love the way Joe Castiglione calls a game. But he is too obsessed with the length of games. I think fans don’t care so much. Broadcasters just want to get off work earlier.

Years ago I was leading a Sunday School class through 1Corinthians. On the morning we started chapter 11, I read our passage for consideration. When I looked up, all the women in the class had put on head scarves. That was a moment.

These catchers that go down onto a knee… Aren’t they just asking for a deep thigh bruise? I wonder if anyone wears thigh pads like a football player.

OK. I’m setting up my blog to be more of a private microblog that posts automatically to Twitter. The Jetpack app used by WordPress natively can apparently only publish the title and link. But a microblog doesn’t need titles.