Why this Evangelical is staying out of the Trump wars | David Rupert

People on all sides are looking to exploit the Christian voice. They want to use is and I think it’s a trap. The church is a unifying influence on our planet, bringing progress and justice. But divided? We fall. Vultures are seeking to divide Christians the same way they have divided Americans.
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I agree with David on this topic. It’s a trap.

Online Bible Study

I’ve been asked by my church to lead an online Bible study. I’ve puzzled over such a thing for a long time and never quite figured out how to do it properly. I’m not absolutely certain this will be the best way to do such a study, but we’ll give it a go.

There will be a website with a new lesson installment every two weeks. The lesson will consist of an introduction, passage(s) to read, questions, and comments. The purpose will be to help the church be the church. Discussion will be handled via moderated comments on the site.

This will be on the church website, so when it goes live I will provide a link here.

When You Get Sick …

One day you might get sick.

When you get sick, you will have to decide whether or not you trust God. You may speak of having faith in God, but faith is really trust when the chips are down. And trust is obedience. It all adds up to allegiance, I guess.

So, when you get sick, you will have to decide whether or not you trust God.

If you cannot trust God when you are sick, you did not trust him when you weren’t sick. It was only a word game.

If you do trust God when you are sick, well, there is something he can work with.

Jesus said this: “Let not your hearts be troubled. Believe in God; believe also in me.
(John 14:1, ESV)

Darlings : Essays in Idleness

A woman who has the management of a household, all the tasks associated with that, plus the charge of, say, four or more children, along with the home-schooling of each of them, is not a hero. She is called to be a heroine, as we say or said in good English. To make her gender-neutral is to diminish her, for she is doing something only she can do, and she is a she. A man would need assistance.
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What Prayer Is and Isn’t

The assumptions about prayer in the Scriptures contrast with common Western assumptions. The point about prayer is to change God, not me; it is not to get me to assimilate to what God already intends. Prayer is designed to persuade God to take action in the world. The point about prayer is not therapeutic; it is not to make me feel better. It is not a veiled form of personal commitment (“Lord, make us more concerned for justice”). It is not a means of personal formation. The point about prayer is to get God to act. One of the powerful arguments in this connection in both Testaments is that one’s prayer arises out of a concern for Yahweh’s name, as well as for one’s own suffering.

John Goldingay, Biblical Theology: The God of the Christian Scriptures (Downers Grove, IL: IVP Academic: An Imprint of InterVarsity Press, 2016), 473.