Traditional Service

At our church the traditional, or rather classic, service precedes the regular service, or modern, by two hours. The music is older, though not hymnic. There is no band. The attendance is small. The mood is somber, but not worshipful. People have to get up too early to be alert. There is no vitality. It is a hot mess.

I have come to think of this service as a form of the nursing home. Old people complain about everything, so the best solution is to wall them off from the younger people. Younger people have enthusiasm and energy; old people sap it away. So put them away in a special compartment where we can visit them when we want to and mostly ignore them.

As an old people myself, I believe we have brought this on ourselves. We have complained and complained, hoping that things would be changed to the way we like them, but instead they walled us off. Return to the old ways will just never happen, nor should it. And the result is that we are no longer part of the church, part of the family.

I’m in favor of one service, or at least one type of service if multiple services are needed. One church. One family.

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  1. I’ve been thinking about this throughout the day. I think I might be in favor of a service with a whole lot less music and a whole lot more scripture reading. If music is the problem, let’s diminish its importance. And we all need more scripture and better knowledge of what it contains.

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