Grateful for an Extra Hour

Like many of you, I was thankful for an extra hour during the sleeping portion of the day as we switched back from DST. It seems to me rather a silly exercise, but you cannot argue with politicians.

Anyway, here’s how grateful I was for the extra hour:

  • I slept very good all night Sunday night, including the extra hour.
  • I got up and went to church, and lunch afterwords.
  • I came home and couldn’t keep my eyes open, so I went to bed and took a four hour nap.
  • After I had been up for a couple hours I was kind of sleepy from a fever and some tummy problems, so we went to bed early. I slept through the night very well, including an extra early hour and an extra late hour.
  • I would estimate that I slept 24 hours out of a 38-hour period.
  • I can’t do that every day.

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