Wondering about Wrath

In recent years I’ve been reading a lot of the Old Testament. I enjoy seeing God’s grace at work there, even though I was always taught that the OT was law and NT was grace. That’s a big oversimplification. You can read it for yourself.

One thing I have noticed is that God was known for “hiding” from Israel. The psalmists are continually crying out for his attention, and the prophets, too. When Israel strays, God leaves them on their own for a while. He hides, and lets them see what life is like without him. It’s a form of his wrath.

I believe that we can sometimes experience the same hiding on a personal level. At least, I think I’ve been there.

I’ve been wondering this morning if this is why the church today is ineffective. Some church bodies are so far from biblical I don’t think they deserve to be called churches. They truly mock God and his word.

Many evangelical churches, with mostly correct doctrine, are engaged in the rat race of competition for declining numbers of people, and they have forgotten the main thing. The only thing they are good at is bringing in new people. Spiritual growth of those people is not even an afterthought.

It makes sense to me that God might just hide for a bit and let us see how we do on our own. What would that look like? What would it feel like?

Just a thought.

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