Bringing You Up to Date

I am on a treatment that is truly making me sicker. I know that it has the potential make me better, but meanwhile I’m suffering joint pain and abdominal abnormalities on a daily basis. If you are a praying person, I’d appreciate your support. And thank you.

We are two months into this treatment. It will last at least three months and perhaps as long as six months. It’s a double bind situation. You want to have hope and yet it really, really hurts.

A lot of my activities have necessarily been curtailed. It’s about all I can handle to get through my work stuff and the basics of life. I haven’t made any new photos since July except for one shot out the window. I’ve decided to stop publishing reworked old photos until I can make some new ones.

I also haven’t written on this weblog like I really want to. I hope to figure it all out soonish.

I’ve recently been noticing how hard my illness hits Carol. She is the best at being a helper and and health care giver. I think the frustrating part is knowing when there is really a crisis. Sometimes I complain so much that she thinks I must be ready to die in a few days. Then a half-day later I tell her I’m ok. That’s on me; she doesn’t need to carry that kind of load. I need to assess myself more realistically.

You could pray for her, too. Sometimes I believes it’s actually harder on her.

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