Going to Church

Due to my illness, I don’t make it to church every Sunday. Lately it has been more hit than miss, though, and I’m planning to attend this morning.

I wish I were excited about it.

In the last year our church has taken a turn for the worse, toward being therapeutic and moralistic. Not sure about the deism part.

A year ago our pastor preached in more of an expository manner. Now he is giving 40-minute commercials for church programs that lead to “changed lives.”

A year ago there was at least lip service to church unity and the need for cross-generational interaction. Now we are sold out to programs to attract the young growth rings for our tree. The old people like me are relegated to paying for it all.

A year ago we focused, ostensibly, on the Bible and what God wanted to tell us. Now we are concerned with the financial health and wealth of young families, how to raise children, how to keep a marriage vital, how to be good friends, and stuff like that. Sort of like classes you might take at a community center.

I wish I were excited about church.

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