I’m listening to Apple Music’s Christian radio station. It is, one after the other, Jesus-is-my-boyfriend and Jesus-is-my-therapist songs.

Just like KLove.

It’s obvious to me, as I listen to music and sermons at church each week, as I read my newsfeed, as I listen to streaming Christian music, that we are given over nearly 100% to MTD — Moralistic Therapeutic Deism.

Moralistic – God wants people to be good. Good people get to go to heaven when they die.

Therapeutic – Our goal is to be healthy, happy, and to feel good about ourselves.

Deism – God created the world and watches it run. He really doesn’t need to be involved with us unless we need help with a problem.

That’s about the extent of our religion and our involvement with God.

The sermons I hear are about how God can change your life. You just need to say some words and get dunked. The “worship” songs aren’t about God; they are about me. God is a peripheral character.

We are told every Sunday that Jesus is the answer to every question. But we never hear about what the questions are.

I would like to hear one single sermon on the strenuous and fraught road of discipleship to Jesus. Or one prayer that isn’t a call for help for some personal or medical problem. Or one song that points to Jesus, the King.

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