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Carol set off a kielbasa explosion in the kitchen. Our little Mollie girl is scared and won’t leave my side.

It’s not Perfect

I already linked to this once, but it’s worthy of re-reading. It applies to all groups I know of.

It’s not perfect. But one thing I keep reminding myself is that we are an amazing mish-mash of people. We are not homogeneous. We don’t even have our definable culture. Like a big family at Thanksgiving, there will be disagreement. There might even be some mashed potato on the wall at the end of the evening, but we are family.

Think on These Things: Here’s How to Change Your Outlook on Life

Think on These Things: Here's How to Change Your Outlook on Life. Don’t go by social media.

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I love my Aqua Tru system. We owned our home for many years, then downsized to an apartment in prep for retirement. One of the downsides was the lack of a reverse osmosis filtering system, and the town water is particularly cruddy. I found this counter top model that RO filters our water. It requires manual filling and takes up a little space, but it’s some of the best money I ever spent.

Big step. Took Tweetbot off my screen. I’ll check my phone occasionally. Micro.blog app took its place in the window layout.

My wife was out last evening, and I played a ton of Road to the Show in MLB The Show 18. I kind of made it to the majors straight out of AA. Kind of, because it’s with a bad Rays team. I think I’m too new to demand a trade.

My wife has a micro.blog account now and will be posting some of her Indiana travel observations and photos. @Carol

I have not been able to find a way to pull the Twitter stream from a user into an RSS feed. I guess Twitter doesn’t really want to allow that.

I’m down to following only 20 accounts on Twitter. Only a few of those really matter much to me. I’m about this close to unplugging.

Al Franken's Brett Kavanaugh Questions: Pathetic | National Review

Al, is it appropriate for a disgraced former U.S. senator to use the Twitter cognomen “U.S. Senator Al Franken”? Are you aware that being a senator is simply a temporary public-service job, not a permanent title of nobility, the usage of which this country discourages?

Link: Al Franken’s Brett Kavanaugh Questions: Pathetic | National Review

P6250083 Small Town Skyscraper
Edinburg, Indiana, USA

Enjoyed The Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean M. Auel


One of these days JD Martinez is going to foul off a pitch for a Pesky Pole home run.

I’m getting more and more excited about micro.blog and the whole indie web concept. My wife is even going to start a micro.blog soon. If a few of my friends around the world will do the same, I can leave Twitter in the dust.

I don’t think that the Toronto Blue Jays will win much unless John Gibbons stops wearing his hat like a farmer.

John Stackhouse - Why Is Social Media So…Disappointing?

Our suffering is so evident and so intense that it seems that it must be glaringly obvious to anyone with a heart. So why don’t other people get it? Why don’t they say the right things and do the right things? Why don’t they care—or care much, much more than they apparently do?

I’ve been audio-reading Ludlum’s Bourne novels. The books have little contact with the movies.

The twosome, with Secret Service agent Steve in tow, head off on a twisty adventure through the mean streets of Wilmington, Delaware, encountering greasy diners, biker bars, dangerous life-insurance investigators, an ambitious and dogged cop tired of their shenanigans (she’s a Republican, naturally), and one awkward night in a cheap, rat-infested hotel room.

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